Frequently Asked Questions

Ministry of Industry pays attention by emphasizing the government officials in all levels, all units of state enterprise, and network institutes to be adhered as the code of practice strictly. All processes must be transparent and can be inspected. There must be no corruption and misbehaving. The operators can be ensured and reliable on the public system. The cooperation is requested from the private sector in promoting this policy to be seriously effective. If any action likely to be dishonest in the issue related to Ministry of Industry can be complaint through the channel of complaint directly at the Ministry’s website (Hotline of Minister:

1.       The benefits from registering as the operators are various as follows:

You can contact the provincial industrial office of such province. The contact information can be viewed at

  You can contact Customer Center, Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry, at the following address.

Ministry of Industry prepares for the readiness for the industrial sector and SMEs as follows:

At present, Ministry of Industry reduces the steps and duration used in the consideration for the permission of plant operation/expansion of plant operation (RorNgor. 4) from previously of 90 official days to 30 official days. This resulted in from the period of 12th September, 2014, to 12th March, 2015, 2,528 plants were granted the permission for the plant operation and expansion of plant operation causing the investment of 228,900.75 million baht and the employment of 92,938 employees.



In certifying the product quality, the certifier will issue the certificate and give the certification marks. In Thailand, Thailand Industrial Standards Institute certifies the product quality. The 3rd method, the 5th form is the product standard certification done by the 3rd party person. There is the test of product form, the assessment of quality control system of manufacturing plants, the observation on the result, and the issuance of permit for the use of TIS mark.


The products shown the TIS marks mean the products being passed the test and being certified by TISI to have quality and required standard as well as being safe for the consumption, having efficiency in using and having reasonable price. Presently, TISI permits the presentation of 5 TIS marks for the products as follows: 

For the Rubber City project, Ministry of Industry assigns Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand to use the area in Chalung Mine, Chalung Sub-district, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province, in the area of 2,247 rai. The area of Rubber City Project is 1,218 or calculated as 53.34% of the total area of Southern Industrial Estate area. The design of rubber industrial estate in Southern Industrial Estate, Songkhla Province, is the beginning point in developing the industry of manufacturing and processing the products from rubber in the upstream, midstream, and downstream levels. This is advantageous for the growers in supporting the rubber price not to be reduced. As Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand is aware of the efficiency and appropriateness of Songkhla Province, Rubber Industrial Estate is established as there is the area of Southern Industrial Estate to serve the industrial development as well as having other factors helping in developing the rubber industry.