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Q : What is Rubber City? What will the rubber growers benefit from this project?

For the Rubber City project, Ministry of Industry assigns Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand to use the area in Chalung Mine, Chalung Sub-district, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province, in the area of 2,247 rai. The area of Rubber City Project is 1,218 or calculated as 53.34% of the total area of Southern Industrial Estate area. The design of rubber industrial estate in Southern Industrial Estate, Songkhla Province, is the beginning point in developing the industry of manufacturing and processing the products from rubber in the upstream, midstream, and downstream levels. This is advantageous for the growers in supporting the rubber price not to be reduced. As Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand is aware of the efficiency and appropriateness of Songkhla Province, Rubber Industrial Estate is established as there is the area of Southern Industrial Estate to serve the industrial development as well as having other factors helping in developing the rubber industry.



Regarding the construction plan of Rubber City project, it can serve not less than 70 operators to invest in the Rubber Industrial Estate. It is also designed to serve the increase in volume and value of using natural rubber in Thailand. The producer is transformed into the big user of natural rubber of the world and the Rubber Industrial Estate is pushed to be established under the concept of Rubber City project to quickly become concrete. The management plan is also conducted as the pilot project to be used as the guidelines in developing to expand the rubber city to other suitable areas as the Cluster industrial source for the rubber industry to create the connection between the SMEs industrial operators and the big industrial operators. The rubber industry of Thailand is focused from being the big exporter of raw materials to become the big producer and user of the world. 

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