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Q : How does Ministry of Industry prepare for the readiness for the industrial sector and SMEs of Thailand to enter ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)?

Ministry of Industry prepares for the readiness for the industrial sector and SMEs as follows:


 4.1 Study the areas suitable for establishing the industrial estates in the border special economic zones (first phase) in 5 provinces; Tak, Sa Kaeo, Trad, Mukdahan, and Songkhla.

4.2 Prepare for the readiness of operators in industrial sector to enter ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

In 2015, Thailand has to enter ASEAN Economic Community. Ministry of Industry has performed the operation to prepare for the readiness for the sectors in various forms as follows:

   1) Develop the target operating places to enter AEC for 600 operations.

     - Being in the process of developing the target operating places by developing the knowledge in management, production, and marketing to enter AEC for 230 operations.

   2) Develop the target branch operators to be ready for the opening of AEC for 3,500 operators.

    - SMEs operators are developed in the management of business and industry for creating the efficiency and effectiveness in market expansion for 1,195 operators and are in the process of development for 300 operators.

  3) Develop personnel in the industrial sector to enter AEC with the target of 2,100 persons.

4.3 Adjust the standard of industrial product to be in accordance with ASEAN standard.


In 10 set items, Ministry of Industry (Thailand Industrial Standards Institute) is responsible for 5 items; rubber products, construction materials, automotive products and parts, electronics power, and wood products (the rest of 5 items are in the responsibility of Food and Drug Administration which are cosmetics, food, medical instruments, and traditional medicine).  

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