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Q : What are the documents required in applying for the renewal of license of plant operation?

1. In applying for the renewal of license,


1.1 In case of not applying for the license renewal in time but the request is applied within 60 days from the expiration date of license, it will be considered that the request for the license renewal is in time. However, when being permitted, the license renewal must be fined for 20% of the renewal fee. If the period of sixty days has been passed, the operation must be made similarly to newly applying for the license.

1.2 Submit the request following Ror. Ngor. 3/1 for 3 copies to submit to provincial industrial office at the plant location.

2. The documents which the applicants have to present with the request of Ror. Ngor. 3/1.

2.1 License for plant operation, copy of plant operator.

2.2 Copy of house registration in case of ordinary person or copy of juristic person registration certificate (in case of changing the main contents of such documents) issued for not more than six months to the date of request submission.

2.3 Power of attorney (in case of authorizing other person to act on behalf).

2.4 Reports which are required to submit together with the request for the license renewal such as report on the assessment of safety in working, certificate on the safety usage of steaming boiler, cooler, etc.


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