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Q : How are the benefits from registering as the SMEs operator?

1.       The benefits from registering as the operators are various as follows:


1. Be able the apply for receiving the benefits from the measures of promotion and support from public agencies such as in credits, co-investment, credit guaranteeing, contribution, development of new operators, marketing, taxation (the details can be viewed at

2. The SMEs operators have the right to attend the projects under the Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Fund which are the activities to enhance the competence of operators in starting the business, expand the business to international level, and recover the business.

3. The registered SMEs operators can attend the activities or projects arrange by Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for the SMEs operators such as giving the consultation, advice, or train the knowledge beneficial for the business operation and promotion of marketing channels in various form. 


More details can be viewed at

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