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Q : Policies on the nation management to the good governance

Ministry of Industry pays attention by emphasizing the government officials in all levels, all units of state enterprise, and network institutes to be adhered as the code of practice strictly. All processes must be transparent and can be inspected. There must be no corruption and misbehaving. The operators can be ensured and reliable on the public system. The cooperation is requested from the private sector in promoting this policy to be seriously effective. If any action likely to be dishonest in the issue related to Ministry of Industry can be complaint through the channel of complaint directly at the Ministry’s website (Hotline of Minister:


Moreover, Ministry of Industry is in the process of creating the standard of Anti-bribery management systems ISO 37001. Such standard will identify the good practice for anti-corruption. This can be used as the tool in anti-bribery and can be applied to all organizations.

At present, the standard of ISO 37001 is in the process of creating the draft. It is expected to be effective in 2016. The sample of main contents of this standard are, for example, the organization must have the serious policies in anti-bribery, have the communication to personnel and public, have the knowledge and training, and promote resources in serious anti-bribery. This includes the plan of risk assessment, internal audit, improvement, and development. As Ministry of Industry is represented by Thailand Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) in being the member of ISO or International Organization for Standardization, it is thought that ISO37001 is the standard beneficial for the development of organizations and Thailand. TISI will propose the comment as the member and observe the progress to inform the society. This is the standard helping in promoting the important policies of public and private sectors to promote all forms of anti-corruption. 

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