rategic Agenda (2016-2020)

Strategy 1: Enhancing the productivity and capability of the industrial sector to generate growth and strength

Key Issues:
•Promote research and development, applying STI and digital technology to develop products and increase industrial efficiency.
•Develop entrepreneurs and human resources throughout supply chains to become higher skill performers in manufacturing, management, technology and innovation.
•Promote and develop industries using localized inputs to be higher value added.
•Develop standards, auditing and certifying of process and products to enhance competitiveness of industrial sectors as well as safety of consumers and people.
•Strengthen performance of logistics management and industrial supply chain.
•Develop target industrial clusters to be the hub of ASEAN.

Strategy 2: Improving the enabling factors to create a conducive ecosystem for investment and development in the industrial sector
Key Issues:
•Revise law, regulations and service processes in order to ease investment and industrial operations.
•Identify direction of industrial development and develop intelligence system on industrial economics for guiding and warning industrial sectors.
•Identify appropriate location for industry and revise town planning to suit with industrial development.
•Support the establishment of design and product testing facilities and increase their capabilities to meet demands.
•Integrate works with relevant authorities to develop enabling factors for industrial development.

Strategy 3: Promoting and encouraging the industries to be socially and environmentally friendly
Key Issues:
•Develop mechanisms for industries to strictly abide by the laws.
•Promote eco industrial town development.
•Manage industrial waste completely by focusing on the use of industrial waste.
•Develop potential industrial cluster to be eco industry.
•Promote industrial sectors to develop products and processes that are socially and environmentally-friendly.
•Develop surveillance networks on environmental impact management through community participation.

Strategy 4: Developing organizational competencies to improve service quality
Key Issues:
•Promote ethics and good governance, prevent corruption and misbehavior in public service practices for benefits of citizen.
•Improve operational processes, provide appropriate resources and develop tools and information technology that increase service efficiency.
•Develop the organization’s personnel skills and performances.
•Create a good image of the organization in providing quality services.